Spiritus Naevus - "Age" (flyer)

Flyer designed to promote the issue of our first release: "Age" (1992), the first tape by the master of electro-climatic from the mega-age, aka Noster Spiritus Mundi.

Exprel Header

Various Exprel headers used for different sort of advertisement spreading our good word.

Der Spiritus - "Ou-A" (insert detail)

Tape insert detail of "Ou-A" (1994), the psyché-ambient masterpiece by Der Spiritus.

Exprel Catalogue

Exprel releases catalogue, 1994.

Aquam Permanentem Adepti

Aquam Permanentem Adepti was an outfit dedicated to live performances and included various devoted Exprel worshippers.

Exprel Logo

The Exprel logo, used for the tapes' artworks, flyers or posters, had varied typographies over the years.